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"There’s nothing harder than letting someone go whom you thought would be here forever."
-h. west - doughnut-holes (via perfect)
"I guess the thing is this:
When I wake up every morning
It is not the sunlight that warms my cheek;
It is the press of your lips against my skin.
And the chirping I hear from outside our window sounds a lot like wedding bells.
Your laughter sounds a lot like hope.
Your touch is worth more than gold
Your smile looks a lot like heaven. Your pearly gates welcome me home."

Heaven exists inside of you
P.J.C. (via parisjemm)

How is this woman my girlfriend. Thank you baby, I love you so much. 😭💕❤️

(via cgoch217)

2108) I have eaten normally for x days, but I just found out that I have put on Y lbs and I have fallen back into restricting and fasting. I think I hate myself more now than I did before.